20 easy ways to hide the ugly stuff in your home

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Let’s not beat around the bush here: every home has ugly parts. There, we said it! Even if you’ve strived to create the perfect home design, the chances are you have some unfortunate radiators, maybe some exposed cabling or even naff curtain rails. If you don’t know how to hide these things, you simply get used to them and adapt to the ugly. 

We don’t want you to have to compromise so, to maintain the interior designer-finished look throughout your home, we created this list of sneaky ways to conceal the less appealing parts of your property. No room is safe—everywhere from your bedroom to your living room is being given the magic treatment here—so the only question is, how many ugly items do you need to hide?

1. Tuck hideous old pans and trays out of sight

classic Kitchen by Grupo Creativo DF, C.A. by Grupo Creativo DF, C.A.

At the back of a handy corner cupboard in your kitchen.

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