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A bathroom for each star sign

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Let’s face it, even if you do not really believe that the stars might somehow influence our destiny, sometimes it can be fun to try to identify the similarities between people born under the same sign of the zodiac. Especially when it comes to furnishing tastes. Many of us will already have noticed some resemblance between the homes of friends who are very different from one another, but in the same zodiac sign.

So, let’s play this game together and have fun to find out what could be our ideal bathroom depending on the characteristics commonly associated with our star sign. Even if our choice does not identify itself with the advice of the stars, we can still get a glimpse of the other proposals, looking for something interesting for our own bathrooms. 

1. Aries—simple and functional.

country Bathroom by SegmentoPonto4 by SegmentoPonto4

Aries is a fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars, the god of war. It is usually associated with bright colors like red or orange, but what few know, is that it is also a sign marked with an attraction for neutral and metallic colors. People under the sign of Aries tend to be a bit disorganized and with a love for spaces furnished with simplicity and functionality, with spacious furniture that is easy to clean. 

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