Aqua Color – Its Diverse Faces and Uses in Home Décor

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Sky Blue.

Farrow ball new colors 2016View in gallery

Look at the light blue mounted (faux) deer head on this wall, and you’ll see a color quite similar to Crayola’s version of “sky blue.” Sky blue has a pinch of green in its color lineage, although whether it’s noticeable or not is largely dependent on its surroundings.


Colorful Teal Living Room DecorView in gallery

Teal had its heyday in the 1990s, and while its overabundance burned out as a popular interior design choice, it remains an attractive color choice today. Perhaps this is because the soft greeny-blue color works so well with a variety of colors – it diffuses the acidity of chartreuse and softens the sterility of cool greys.


Verdigris Dining AreaView in gallery

Verdigris is the common name for the natural patina formed when metals such as copper, brass, or bronze are weathered and exposed to air and/or saltwater over time. The color is vivid and striking and plays an excellent counterpoint color along with (or against) other metallic or rich, warm tones.

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